• What's included in the CFE Review course package?

    Our courses are filled with CPA case writing strategies and templates to help you succeed at the exam. You will get access to a study plan, case checklist, technical review checklist, 8-hours of video lessons, memory aids, new practice cases, solutions and bonus content such as historical exam data, exclusive Honour Roll technical interviews and templates for writing various quantitative and qualitative issues.

  • When can I sign up?

    Our courses are flexible and efficiently curated. You can sign up anytime, even one week before your exam.

  • What's different about Gevorg CPA courses compared with other CPA prep programs?

    CFE Review is Canada's only Honour Roll prep program. Most of the other prep programs are legacy organizations that have been providing supplementary support to CPA students before the CA, CGA and CMA organization merger. Most of the other prep programs are managed by teams of CPAs and educational consultants. The Gevorg CPA courses are built on Honour Roll strategies, use only the newest CFE learning content and the courses are designed and managed by few CPAs and educational consultants. This allows us to keep the costs down and offer competitive prices.

  • Will Gevorg CPA courses help me pass PEP and CFE exams?

    The courses are designed to give you a comprehensive knowledge and prep strategies for the CPA exams. Our students consistently perform better than the average writers and feel more comfortable with the CPA exams. The results are ultimately at your hands. Students who apply and practice the strategies and lessons correctly have higher chance of passing.

  • Can I upgrade my review course?

    Yes. If you purchased a single day review course (for example CFE Review Day 1) and would like to upgrade to the full 3 day course, you will only have to pay for the difference. Please contact us to arrange the upgrade: support at gevorgcpa.com

  • How long do I retain access?

    When you purchase a course, you are granted a single-user licence to view the materials until the end of the September CFE. We provide "Pass Guarantee" subscription: in the event that you are unsuccessful at the CFE or PEP exam, you retain access until you pass.

  • Do you offer one-on-one coaching and case marking, and what are your fees?

    As part of your purchase of the CFE course, you receive free, complementary 30-minute Zoom-based coaching session to be used anytime during your subscription period. Additional case marking and coaching can be requested. Please contact us to to learn more about extra case marking and coaching: support at gevorgcpa.com

  • What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of the content, unfortunately all sales are final (including unused marking credits). We encourage you to preview the free lessons, contact us for free consultation and watch the Gevorg CPA YouTube videos to learn about the program before purchasing. In the event that your exam is cancelled or deferred due to circumstances outside of your control, you will keep your subscription until you write the exam. Please don't hesitate to contact us with additional questions if you are still unclear about the content.

  • Who can I contact if I have more questions?

    Please email us: support at gevorgcpa.com. You can also submit a form at: gevorgcpa.com/contact


Included with all CFE Review courses you will get access to the following exclusive content

  • Honour Roll interviews

    All CFE courses come with exclusive Honour Roll CPA interviews where they teach their approaches and prep strategies

  • Access until you pass

    Our courses are available until you pass the PEP and CFE exams. In case you are unsuccessful at the exam, you will retain access until you pass

  • Free consultation

    Enjoy a complementary 30-minute consultation with a professional CPA coach to help you get on track to passing CFE

CFE Day 1 Quants Mastery

CFE Review students receive free access to "CFE Day 1 Quants Mastery" study toolkit, a powerful quants training guide for candidates writing the CFE Day 1 exam.
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"Your program was extremely useful"


"I wanted to just say your program was extremely useful and is likely the main reason I passed the CFE this year! I only took off about 2 weeks just before the exam, dealing with a cross country move in one week and hospitalized a few days before the exam, but because i kept on your timing tips and practised a ton of case writing with your framework, i definitely completed my exam and passed! I am totally recommending your program to anyone doing their CFE exam in the future."

"Thank you."


"Hey, just wanted to thank you. I bought your course only 3-4 weeks before the exam and only studied significantly last two weeks. And I was still able to pass because of the guidance in the course. Really appreciate it."

"You helped me pass the exam"


"Yes! I passed the exam and your program was very practical and you actually helped me pass the exam! Thanks Gevorg, it's all because of your support!"



"I came across Gevorg's webinar while I was searching Youtube for tips on passing the CFE exam, and I must say this is the best one to date. It gives you a comprehensive overview of the whole CFE structure; what a candidate needs to keep in mind while writing on each of the Days 1, 2 and 3, case writing skills and technical guidelines. A must watch for everyone planning to write the CFE...you will find yourself hooked up till the end as he explains every aspect of the CFE structure brilliantly."

"Passed the exam"

Justin, Student

"Wanted to say thanks, passed the exam. I will definitely reach out to you come next exam time."



"Being an CPA student at a small not-for-profit entity, there isn't a lot of exposure to mentorships . I have always been studying on my own and do the case in my own style. Gevorg's CFE video inspired me a more effective way to prepare for my CPA journey."

"Best comprehensive CFE overview"

JD, student

"I looked at you CFE debrief and overview video on youtube, and just wanted to express my gratitude. It's one of the best comprehensive cfe overview videos I've come across With great details. Thank you!"

"Congrats on passing the CFE!"

TH, Student

"Thanks Gev! I will for sure forward your information to my friends."

"Thank you"

KM, Student

"I feel more confident after doing a case with you today and found my shortcomings...Thanks for showing me the right path."

"I recommend him"

MG, Student

"...he coached and mentored me on CPA modules with dedication and enthusiasm, for which I am thankful and recommend him with conviction."